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Indoor Formaldehyde Removal/Disinfection Service


We Care About Your Indoor Environment

Ecolife was established to improve the air quality of indoor environments, to naturally decompose harmful substances and gases, and to reduce the use of the chemical product, thereby improving people's health problems, including various sensitive symptoms and respiratory diseases.

Ecolife uses Taiwan patented chitin product, which is naturally extracted, non-toxic and harmless, and does not contain heavy metals. It replaces traditional photocatalyst and provides the public with better materials to remove formaldehyde, antibacterial and mildew, and to protect the indoor environment.

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Product & Service

EcoLife uses the latest technology developed by the patented natural chitin formaldehyde removal products from Taiwan, and will not degenerate any harmful side effects on human body, baby and pet. It can effectively destroy 99.9% formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, VOC and other harmful substances. 


The four formaldehyde-removing products were developed in response to the needs of different furniture materials are natural and effective. The tiny molecules can penetrate into the wood plate and truly eliminate formaldehyde from the roots.

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EcoLife provides one-stop shop from consultation, onsite formaldehyde inspection, formaldehyde removal to follow-up care. Tailor-made solutions for each home and business customer.


For the home after renovation, for home space, wall, furniture, wall-to-wall, floor, etc., from the root cause to inhibit the reproduction of mold, bacteria, can maintain long-term hygiene and cleanliness. Complete in one day, you can move in immediately after work finish.

Household formaldehyde removal
Car formaldehyde removal

The new car will continue to release formaldehyde into the interior of the car. The natural aldehyde removal series can effectively eliminate formaldehyde, smoke, pet smell and odor in the car.


The natural aldehyde removal series can be used in office buildings and schools, which can greatly reduce the formaldehyde content, prevent the discomfort or physical harm caused by the inhalation of excessive formaldehyde by customers, staff or students.

Business space formaldehyde removal
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Formaldehyde inspection service

Want to know your home/office formaldehyde level? Call us now, the inspection service is provided by professionals.

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